Special Needs Planning

At Eastman Estate Planning, PLLC, we generally assist people with special needs planning and administration in three different scenarios:

(1) If you have a child or a loved one with special needs, planning may be required to ensure that this person is provided for when you are no longer able to provide. It is never too early to put legal protective measures in place. We will help you take action to see that your special needs family member is not left vulnerable or subject to the decision making of others.

(2) A person with special needs may obtain a lawsuit judgment or settlement, or may receive an inheritance or interest in a trust after the death of a loved one. There may be legal options to preserve assets from the windfall to ensure that this property is available to improve the recipient’s quality of life.

(3) An individual or institution who is serving as trustee of a special needs trust may need assistance with the unique and complex administration issues surrounding it.


With a special needs trust, your loved one will maintain eligibility for the public programs they depend on, in the event of your parting.