"Dave Eastman has been our Estate Attorney for a number of years, first while at Morris Hall and now as Eastman Estate Planning.

Mr. Eastman exhibits all the qualities we were looking for when formulating our estate plan – in-depth knowledge, explains concepts clearly and in terms we can understand, maintains patience in answering our myriad of questions, keeps us up to date on any changes in the law that would affect us, and perhaps most important of all is honest, trustworthy and conveys integrity.

     Eastman Estate Planning is not the cheapest organization in the Valley.  However, you don’t have to constantly watch the time when talking to him or his staff.  His principles include personal meetings and advice without fee and delivers a holistic approach to estate planning.

Estate Planning is one service which it is imperative to place quality above cost.  One mistake could generate a financial disaster, or worse, affect your quality of life."  - F. Schiller

     "I cannot tell you how much Dave Eastman has helped us through the complexities of redoing our trust. Laws and circumstances change and he was so patient to answer all our questions and provide the professionalism that we needed. I don't like to be rushed through things like this and Dave never did that. Always listening and guiding us through the steps so that we were confident that our requests were being met. I would highly recommend him to anyone. His demeanor is easy for anyone to get along with. Also he completes the work on time as he projects. I hope this expresses the confidence that we have in him after the completion of our estate planning."  - G. Buckingham

     "We are so happy that David Eastman decided to open his own Estate Planning practice. We have been working with David since 2007 when he first implemented our Trust. We have since met with David many times for changes and updates to our Trust. Each time he has been extremely helpful in guiding us through these changes. He always has a way of making us think through things before we add or remove something from our Trust. He treats us as family and I believe he genuinely cares about each and every client. My husband and I listened and saw a Zoom presentation that David did recently and it was so professionally done. In this presentation David reminded us to update our Trusts and gave us seven tips for estate planning for 2021. Most attorneys would charge for this information but David shares his information with his clients at no charge. That to me is a person who wants 'the best for his clients.' I would highly recommend David to my family and friends, and constantly do. I know we are in good hands with David as our Estate Planning Attorney."  - D. Thain

     "I had no idea how to get my trust started. I met with Dave Eastman and it was all explained to me. He explained my options between a will and a trust. I gave Dave my information and his office took care of the rest. It’s simple for my part. I liked how he went through the whole with me so I would understand it."  - K. Stockwell

     "This is a note to thank anyone who had a part in working on [our] estate. We received the check and what we get to keep we are putting away for our old age care. Fred and I are going to be 70 years old in a few months so [that] money will be used hopefully to keep us in our own home until the end of our days. So thank you again for your part in getting [the] estate settled. So grateful,"

     "David, Thank you for being part of our series, “While in Health…Preparing for Final Things.” We had good feedback from the participants and many requests to offer it again soon. Your presentation on wills and trusts was a big part of the program’s success. Thank you,"

     "Dear David, I want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. It was very informative. I’ll be calling you soon for a second meeting. My best,"

     "David, I really appreciate the time you were willing to spend with me at lunch. Your insights were valuable and I look forward to following up on some of your ideas – especially regarding Wealth Council. Best regards,"

     "Dave Eastman, Thank you for being so patient, kind and understanding during these past months. May God bless you in a special way just for your kindness to us."